Refresh Your Relationship

A quick, fun, & easy way to strengthen your marriage!

Identifies easy, yet powerful ways to improve your marriage.

Refresh Your Relationship

Four powerful sessions identify easy,yet powerful ways to improve your marriage!

Quick & Easy...Amazing Results!  

So much of what causes relationship trouble is centered around communication.  

This short & simple worksheet identifies what’s important to each of us in our marriage.  

Includes "The 25 Minute Marriage Makeover" worksheets, plus three additional sessions to make your marriage amazing!

Happy Married Couple


 “This worksheet was amazing. We now have a new marriage!”  

  “This led us through an amazing conversation that transformed our marriage!”  

  “Simple but powerful – a ‘must-do’ for all couples”|  

"The improvements began the next day- we started doing the things we identified & it changed everything!”  


Our Mission: Making Lives Amazing

  Life’s Top 10 is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity that offers powerful programs that help people better understand & successfully manage the most important topics in life. Our team of successful leaders and experts spent over 5 years summarizing and simplifying the core aspects required to master life’s critical topics.  

TRAILMAP For LifeSM also offers marriage programs such as ‘The 25 Minute Marriage Makeover‘ that enable couples to quickly & easily ‘Refresh Their Relationship’. These programs offer quick yet powerful ways for couples to strengthen their marriage, regardless of whether its rocky or great!  

Our book, ‘10 SUCCESSFUL LIFE STRATEGIES’ offers best practices from leaders to enable each of us to master life’s crucial topics. In a quick & easy read, it shares simple changes that provide big results!